A Very Choo Choo la Rouge January.

The men of Choo Choo la Rouge live in Boston (Chris), Providence (Vinnie) and San Francisco (Jon) – and despite being geographically challenged shall we say,  they are having a pretty active start to 2012.

How so?

Well, Chris (pictured above in the sun) and Vinnie (forefront of shot/curly haired) have a new band called The Chrome Dreams.  They are playing this Friday, January 20 at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA with The 90’s, Honest Bob and Father Octopus.  Be there or be somewhere else.

You’ll be able to hear Choo Choo la Rouge proper on the January 29th episode of Showtime’s Shameless.  The show will feature the almost-title track from 2009’s Black Clouds, “Black Cloud.”  If you listen closely, you will be able to hear Kiam label mates Jennifer O’Connor and Amy Bezunartea singing back-up vox in the choruses.

Finally, CCLR are playing a show!!  Yes, the band will be playing together for the first time live in jeez…a couple of years?  We are actually not sure.  But we do know  that we are all pretty damned excited around here at the Kiam headquarters. The show is on March 1 at Church in Boston.  And if that’s not enough to get you excited, also on the bill: Thalia Zedek(!!!), Jennifer O’Connor and Cotton Candy (Mark Robinson’s band!!)

Putting in my request now to hear Regular Guy, I’m a Truck, The Kind of Noise.. and Worse Mistakes on March 1.

SINCERELY, JO’C and associates at the Kiam Recording Company




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