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Kiam Records Label Sampler #1


I Am The Kiam!

Welcome to the new Kiam Records blog.

My name is Jennifer O’Connor, and aside from being a record mogul, I also play music. I live and work in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, USA.

Kiam Records was named after a saying my father used to have when I was growing up – “I am the Kiam!” – he would say. Which clearly meant, “I run this show.” He said it in such a way that was fun, and funny – yet kind of serious too. It stuck with me.

Kiam Records was initially, just a name and a that I put on my first, self-released record to make it look more official. Seven years later, it’s a real label. Everything I have put out I am personally involved in and I like it this way.  It feels important and lasting.

So, for this first post, the Kiam discography:

KRC01 Jennifer O’Connor – Jennifer O’Connor – 2002 -cd & mp3 – 1000 cd copies – cd almost out of print


KRC02 – Jennifer O’Connor & Choo Choo La Rouge – Little Airplane Heart – 2007 – 7″ red vinyl – 1000 copies


KRC03 – Clint & Amy –  2007 – Ltd Ed Tour CDR – 100 copies –  also almost out of print


KRC04 – Dump & Jennifer O’Connor – 2008 – 7″ white vinyl – 1000 copies


KRC05 – Clint Michigan – Hawthorne to Hennepin – 2009 – cd & mp3 – 1000 cd copies


KRC-06 – Choo Choo La Rouge – Black Clouds – coming out 8/18/2009 – cd & mp3 – 1000 digipack cd copies


Thanks for visiting – please come back again soon.  I’ll be posting free music by Kiam bands (including me), tour dates, news, healthy recipes, pictures of Florida, and who knows what else?